heat control

CERAVIDA HEAT uses high tech ceramic materials which are embedded into the yarn. The yarn is used in materials to enhance the consumers warmth factor for the garment they are wearing.

The CERAVIDA HEAT function has been tested in numerous laboratories. The results of the testing in cold climate conditions prove that products embedded with CERAVIDA HEAT out perform products without CERAVIDA HEAT.


Our CERAVIDA HEAT function is embedded with “Junlite”. The Junlite patented technology is embedded in the yarn and when worn in clothing generates and retains Heat for the wearer.


Our ANTI-STATIC technology helps dissipate static electricity therefore it prevents the formation of sparks capable of causing damage to sensitive electronic equipment and static shocks to the wearer.


The embedded Junlite uses radiant heat generated from the body to increase heat retention.

The patented technology holds up generated heat and emits infrared rays to increase warmth and improve blood circulation.

Thermal status
temperature range:

26 ~33 *C

Thermal test condition:

Temp(20℃), Humidity(65%)


8 min after dress up

Fabric condition:

PLAIN WEAVE, 75D X 75D + 40D USED, 320G/YD~340G/YD

kept warmer for a longer duration when compared to other brands

Thermal resistance

TOG/CLO : It is the heat insulation amount when the heating value of 1 meter squared per hour is 50kcal under the wind condition of 21 degrees without wind, 0.1m per second. The higher the value, the higher the warming effect.


#1 : CERAVIDA HEAT : 0.36

#1 : CERAVIDA HEAT : 0.306~0.580

Light heating test

Light heating test : The ceramic & mineral complex inserted in the yarn absorbs solar energy and converts it into thermal energy.


Elevated maximum temperature


#2 : NORMAL : 34.8



#1 : NORMAL : ~7200V

#2 : CERAVIDA HEAT : ~2300V


CERAVIDA is a natural performer.

Its our unique patented technology that sets us apart. Our high tech ceramic and mineral technology enables you to create innovative, fit-for-purpose products for consumer wellness.

CERAVIDA news and articles


南良集團總裁蕭登波(左)送伴手禮給 G.CLO執行長Jay Jaehun Jung(右)。(呂妍庭攝) 南良集團旗下嘉良特化與韓國公司結盟 16:33 2020/01/10  中時 呂妍庭 嘉良特化公司與韓國G.CLO公司簽約結盟,未來將代理銷售該公司品牌「Ceravida」環保天然助劑商品來台。(呂妍庭攝) 嘉良特化公司與韓國G.CLO公司簽約結盟,未來將代理銷售該公司品牌「Ceravida」環保天然助劑商品來台 南良集團旗下的嘉良特化股分有限公司,專精研發符合環保理念的功能性特用化學產品,並與國際知名公司結合,陸續引進符合環保理念的綠色Green標誌產品,綠色環保形象獲得韓國廠商的青睞,今10日嘉良特化公司與韓國G.CLO公司簽約結盟,未來將代理銷售該公司品牌「Ceravida」環保天然助劑商品來台,除應用到南良集團各類商品,也開拓台灣市場。


南良集團旗下嘉良特化(股)公司與韓國G.CLO公司結盟簽約合作。(記者黃昭博攝) 南良集團嘉良特化與韓國G.CLO結盟簽約合作 2020年1月10日 下午6:07 記者黃昭博/嘉義報導 南良集團總裁蕭登波以『對生命的尊重』及『對環境的保護』為前提『根植臺灣、放眼世界、穩定發展、永續經營』;南良集團的員工都抱著共同的社會使命感,以高品質的產品供給全世界的消費者。南良集團旗下嘉良特化(股)公司,10日上午於嘉義縣嘉太工業區嘉良特化總部由董事長蕭崇湖與韓國G.CLO公司執行長Jay Jaehun Jung舉行結盟簽約儀式,南良集團蕭登波總裁及企業界應邀觀禮,場面熱絡。

南良集團推動綠色環保 與韓國研發公司結盟合作

南良集團總裁蕭登波強調要放眼世界,根留台灣。(記者林宜樟攝) 南良集團推動綠色環保 與韓國研發公司結盟合作 2020-01-10 15:18 〔記者林宜樟/嘉義報導〕擁有完整紡織供應鏈體系的南良集團推動綠色環保產品,集團旗下位於嘉義縣嘉太工業區的嘉良特化公司,今天與研究高科技紡織技術的韓國G.CLO公司結盟,代理銷售該公司品牌「Ceravida」環保天然助劑商品,並將應用到南良集團各類商品,可抑制細菌生長,分解臭味,未來可讓消費者穿著、使用最新綠色環保科技所生產的商品。