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Anti-bacterial and anti-odor agent

Ceravida Fresh is the fabric’s topical treatment to prevent and remove odor causing molecules and microbes.

Natural binder

Unlike other anti-odor materials, it is composed of natural ingredients such as marine materials, mineral and biopolymer-binders without the use of chemicals, metals and synthetic binders.

Lifetime performance

Lasts the lifetime of the garment based on 50 washes.

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The natural materials in Ceravida Fresh are not harmful to health or the environment. Safe for humans, safe for the environment.


Sustainability is one of the most practical ways to prevent environmental damage. Biopolymers applied to these sustainable products are a far safer substitute compared to synthetic binders.

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No hazardous substances used

Antimicrobials for fabric treatment typically eliminate bacteria using heavy metals such as Nano-Silver which is harmful to the human body and environment. Its use is prohibited in Europe and the United States. The use of Ceravida Fresh is proven to be safe and is accepted in Europe and the United States.


Synthetic binder not used

Harmful solvents found in synthetic binders are unsafe for the environment. Ceravida Fresh does not contain synthetic binders.


Sustainable environment

The world is more focused on sustainable products. Products using Ceravida Fresh provide a safe process during textile production.

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Maintain a pleasant feeling by inhibiting bacteria growth and adsorbing and eliminating odor-causing molecules.

Natural binder, adhesive, coatings

Maintains the anti-odor and anti-bacterial
function even after extensive washing by
natural binder. It also can be used as a
bio-based adhesive or coating agent.


Helps anti-odor function by inhibiting
bacterial growth.

Skin Stability

Stabilizes the skin with the use of cosmeceutical materials and hypo-allergenic.

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Fabric treated with Ceravida Fresh shows exceptional antibacterial impact on super bacteria after 24 hours of incubation.

Fabric not treated with Ceravida Fresh can be seen to have bacterial growth within 24 hours of incubation. Bacteria continues to grow causing odor and affecting the wearer’s confidence.

Ceravida Fresh absorbs the sour odor of acetic acid, a sweat-causing substance, eliminating odors and maintaining a comfortable environment.

The often unpleasant smell of perspiration is caused by combining fatty acids, exfoliation and sweat. Ceravida Fresh neutralizes the odor, increasing the wearer’s comfort and confidence.

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Ceravida Fresh absorbs the sour odor of acetic acid, a sweat-causing substance, eliminating odors after extensive washing.

Fabric treated with Ceravida Fresh shows excellent antibacterial effects on super bacteria caused by bacterial growth inhibition after 24 hours of incubation and after numerous washings.

Ceravida Fresh measured an average skin responsiveness of ‘0.00’ 30 minutes and 24 hours after patch removal, and was therefore determined to be non-irritating.

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Founded in 1794 in the UK, Courtaulds was one of the foremost companies in the industrial revolution becoming the world’s principal man-made fibre production company. It continues to work in close partnership with G.CLO and the development of Ceravida.

G.CLO Established in 2011 in Korea as a textile R&D/technology business, G.CLO completed the development of Ceravida through its collaboration with Courtaulds and Arula.

Industry leading textile solutions business founded in Austria in 1915, Arula has been closely involved in the development of Ceravida.

  • CERAVIDA FRESH is used as a treatment to textiles and surfaces to control the growth of non-public health related odor-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus that cause spoilage, stains, odors, discoloration, decay and deterioration of the treated articles and surfaces.
  • In line with EPA guidelines, Sellers and Distributors of treated articles and products containing CERAVIDA FRESH may not make any claims of antibacterial activity other than the protection of the treated material itself against the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi that cause odor, stains, discoloration, decay, and deterioration. Refer to 40 C.F.R.152.25 (a) for further guidance about treated article claims.